T.L.O.P and ANTI album review


In This album we see kanye playing on the two Pablo’s he perceives the world perceives him as, Picasso the creative and Escobar the crazy criminal. The album is mainly a body of work showing the parallels in his life, the opposites of himself which will always exist side by side.

Themes of this album are Kanye’s favourite themes himself, Kim k, the parallels between him and God, the journey to salvation, burdens of a new parent, longing for his parents, fame, money and lots of sex.giphy (5).gif

Highlights – in highlights he raps on what it feels like to be Kanye, to be rich, loved and respected. Basically the high life of bad bitches up in Equinox and the swaggy fuck boys that got them in.

Lowlights- the song Kanye plays after the endless time of being Kanye. Never forget Kanye views himself as a child of God and is burdened by the idea of salvation. He sees his life in parallels, a god who can create and inspire like his creator and a man burdened with fears of mortality, legacy and salvation. Lowlights is his song of forgiveness.

Famous-  No one samples Nina Simone better than Kanye. On Famous Kanye raps on how renowned and powerful he is. He knows how important fame is, he knows fame is the currency of power and without it in the world you can never be free. Swiss beats line “wake up Mr. West” is also there to remind us that like all things fame will fade.

Fade- is one of my fave tracks, it lies in contrast to famous where he feels all our love or maybe someone else’s love fade away. And as much as you can feel loved you can also feel when it isn’t there anymore also. When no one is watching him all he feels is himself fading away.

Father stretch my hand part 1 and 2– Basically Kanye wants to be liberated. He hasn’t recovered from his dad leaving him when he was younger and then he lost a part of himself after his mother died, that’s a lot of pain right there. He poses this question “who do you turn too when you can’t find the one you need?” So relatable

Waves- Now back to this bitch Kanye that wanted to remove this song from the album what’s good? “Waves” is what tupac heard when he ascended into heaven. This song shows Kanye knows how to use people’s talent more than themselves. The way he uses Chris and kid cudi’s voice deserves a Grammy on its own. “Even when someone goes away the feelings don’t really go away” him saying waves are the effects people have on you and the effects you have on them in return. A bird can’t fly in a change, how can he inspire us if all everyone wants to do is control his voice and music- one of Kanye biggest problem with the industry-  this is song is the truth.

Ultra light beam- Yasssssssss to everything about this song especially the little girl praying for my life. Kanye Prays to God for everything he needs and everything he doesn’t know he needs. God bless the hell out of chance the rapper and kelly price who have saved a thousand souls with this piece. Kanye uses them sort of in an intercessory manner to sing and rap beautifully the things in his heart he desires to share about his faith. On chances verse Kanye is confused at the pressures of life that outweigh the blessings but he is faithful because like he will always protect north his daughter so will God always protect him his child. Btw if you have no ex looking back at you like a pillar of salt then you are probably the ex looking back. Damnnnnn.

200nj.gifAlso thank you to Kirk Franklin who knows how it feels to have said sorry to many times and feel like there are things, places and people you can’t go back to because of the destruction you caused. 

Feedback- Here Kanye is playing on the parallels between him and Pablo Escobar. How he is victimized by the public for being outspoken and brutally honest, he tells us being crazy sometimes or Perceived as crazy is the consequence of being a genius “name one genius that aint crazy” he might not say what you want but he says what he wants. It bothers me though that he thinks bloggers can’t talk to him because they don’t get pussy.

Me when he does the ghetto opera skit “you get a fur, you get a jet, big booty bitch for you” 162832_o.gif

He reminds us to not sleep on him and forget he is greatest creative rapper to walk this earth. #factsonly

Freestyle 4- I go so hard on this track. I love the yeezus vibes he gives on this album with this song. This song is basically about fucking everyday and everywhere including a vogue party. I agree

FML- I love this song. Kanye preaches on everything he will die for in this song, he is so honest. He would never fuck with his marriage for some basic hoes (learn from this future), he would die for the ones he loves, he would die for his artistic vision, he will fuck his life up staying through to all this things no matter what.

Wolves- I want this song to be so good but not a fan of when Kanye overuses auto tune. Sia’s background vocals are exquisite but Frank’s oceans part that to me wasn’t essential to this song though it was on point still.  This song is for those of us with a really bad hoe past-Me and Kim K basically- that can’t seem to outrun it. For those of us who got taken advantaged off, for those of us the world is always against, for those of us who are constantly running from the wolves, Kanye tells us that just like he accepted Kim and Kim accepted him it will all be fine.giph y (1)

30 hours- I hate the first 21 seconds of this song. Kanye did too much.This is basically shade and admiration to Rob Kardashian driving 30 hours to bail out the baddest Pettiest bitch in the game blac Chyna from jail. This song is kinda just there to me. It’s about all the shit you did for that ex that was a piece of shit but you still love anyway.  Andre 3000 where the fuck is the album? 

No more parties in LA- firstly y’all Kanye bodied Kendrick on this and yes rap is always a competition. It gave me graduation vibes. It’s basically a misogynist song degrading women but isn’t that what rap is all about? That makes me feel so bad but okay. This song sounds like a very good freestyle. A mix of so many stuff going on. Hold up all I want to do is beat the cousin of Kanye that stole his laptop where he was fucking two bitches on.

Facts- I hate facts because I don’t tolerate any slander against Michael Jordan and I don’t have yeezy’s “yet” so I can’t relate. But does Nike really treat employees like slaves??

200 (2).gif



In all honesty this album wasn’t really that good as I expected but I like it because it means on her next album she is coming for the kill. Anti showed Ri is tired of basic pop hits and is ready to make creative new sounds, Rihanna has figured out what kind of artist she doesn’t want to be but on Anti she hasn’t really figured out the kind of artist she wants to be yet. But don’t worry boo we aint rushing ya.

Consideration- Rihanna wants to do things her way now and she is going to start by cutting away everything that wont let her grow. She is changing it up and stripping away all the things that don’t let her glitter like the gold she is. Don’t be afraid to cut of toxic people from ya life.


Love on the brain– Yall my boo went there. She gave us Aretha franklin and Beyoncé tease. I love her on this, everything about, the male background adlibs, the softness and the pure sexy romance. This is in top 5 of rihanna’s best songs ever if you don’t agree email me your location so we can meet and fight. This is my wedding song.

“No matter what I do, I am no good without you”

Kiss it betterRihanna is at her best when she is unapologetically sexy i.e. S&M, cockiness. kiss it better is everything. Old rihanna would have made it sound pop but she gives us late 90’s usher vibes. Growth.

Never ending\Close to you– pure pop songs, it sounds like it should be on loud one of her old albums, sounds very coldplay-ish and I am a sucker for coldplay. This songs are actually about rihanna and the disconnect she feels from the world or more specifically love. She loves love but not enough for it to work out for her. I think she been through a lot when it comes to love, she is the sexiest woman on the planet based on popular opinion so you would get why she is so guarded when it comes to love because as a nigga you know niggas aint shit- (and they aint saying nothing)-.

Higher – now this song is confusing because riri went there, she was like “turn this mic on, shits about to get real, if I die on this track tell breezy I still hate his ass”. Riri dared to go there and give her all and she gets props for that but her vocal chords where like “bitch you aint whitney, you need to chillll”. But I love it though. Must of us can’t sing anyway.

WorkI don’t think Riri realises that she has an edge in the industry, which is her ability to create dancehall and reggae type music and sound so natural at it. My fave song of hers is Man down, she needs to give us more of this so on the next album I want more pop dancehall rihanna.

giphy (12).gif
“why you na act like you na like it, you know I have dealt with you the nicest, nobody text me in a crisis”

Sex with me- this song is for those people that barely have any sex but stay on twitter claiming the hoe life. It’s a Saturday morning song, a carefree sex anthem.

Needed me- why do I think this song is a“hey boo” to chris brown. I love the subtle trap production and her silky hard voice sounding like she is just free styling this. Basically riri is telling us not to keep up with people who are with you to make themselves feel better. Don’t settle.

Desparado– this song would have been the soundtrack for mad max: fury road if they dressed the characters in high fashion clothes from Kanye’s line. This style of production is obviously what she likes to do but I think she just needs better song writing and conceptual elements, its good but doesn’t really make you get lost in it.

Worst tracks – Woo, James joint and Goodnight Gotham shouldn’t even have been created but okay. Same ‘ol maistakes was basically her singing the original song but okay and “yeah I said” it should have never been said.

giphy (6).gif


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