Don’t you owe the person that saves you?

You told me you wanted to die and I couldn’t understand

You hated yourself. You hated the world

I was your breath of fresh air

I loved you and you loved me back

You tried to kill yourself when you lost everything.

I rescued you


You are Beautiful-crazy and witty

You are perfect and that’s really annoying

You liked my hat and you didn’t mind my pessimism

I told you I was probably going to fall and in love with you and I did

You did too; you fell in love with me


It should have been a cause for concern

That I never tasted honesty in your lips

My hands never felt safe in your in your palms

Did it bother you that you didn’t make me happy?

When all I did was break my back for you


We were like music, you and I, beautiful music

But I wish we were a painting instead

No beginning no middle no end

Our end was bad, violently irrevocable, no turning back bad

I saved your life; you owe the person that saves you

If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t have learnt love

She never thought love was real, I proved her wrong

After a while she got whole again

And realised I filled no holes in her heart

But once you loved me I became yours forever

My love will always be stronger than your pride

Even though you push me away, I will always circle back

I would like to understand why you wouldn’t want us forever

I love everything about you

Did you just love the way I made you feel?

I have lost everything if I have lose you

Now I know how you felt when you wanted to die.



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