Seven things we learnt about love from movies that are wrong


  1. Love doesn’t happen at once – 

It doesn’t happen in one take, it takes more than one shoot. Sometimes you don’t even know it’s happening. They could be your best friends and one day just a little wink of theirs would change it for you and you start seeing them differently. True love builds, as you learn and lose and you learn again. Most times true love is a crescendo, always rising but never ending and no definite beginning.

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  1. Love is not always deserving-

Good people don’t always love good people and the same for bad people too. You can’t help who loves you and whom you love. You might fall in love with someone one who doesn’t treat you right, you might fall in love with a person who is way out of your league. Love doesn’t respect lanes or comfort zones. The princesses don’t always end up with the princes, sometimes the prince ends up with the witch and sometimes the frog that’s been kissed still stays a frog and you still love it either way. Angels fall in love with monsters everyday and fight for each other and with each other. We accept the love we think we deserve.

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  1. Love is not enough –

Love is the beginning and the end but sadly not the entire story. Honesty, communication, endless forgiveness and sacrifices are the other paragraphs in a love story with a happy Ending. To want to be with someone takes more than love because on the days you can’t love them what else can you offer them and those days always come. You have to be able to give someone more than love. Love is beautiful but not enough to survive on.


  1. Love has an organic span

Allow people to come into your lives and change it, allow them leave when it is time. Everything has an organic span, fight for things don’t force them. Someone might appear into your life for 5 minutes, 5 days, 6 hours, 6 weeks, 7 years or a lifetime, let it bloom. Love is a flower with a cycle, we are the petals and some of us fall off while some of us stay together until the end of that season. And no matter how they leave you grudgingly or with abandon absorb it and let it change and prepare you for the next season.

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  1. Love hurts but always it can heal –

Love will either break you or make you whole, either way it will always build you. 9 out of 10 times love hurts you but 10 out of 10 times it can teach you if you let it. In the movies if you lose it all someone has to usually come heal you but that’s not true. You learn to love yourself better after every romantic experience and with that evolved love you learn to love people better. You trust that your skin will heal after a wound trust that your heart will too.

  1. Love is a sacrifice but not the ultimate sacrifice-

Yes to a large extent love is a continuous sacrifice but unlike the movies you shouldn’t give up everything in the name of love. Love would never push you to the extent of losing your identity and individuality. When you can compromise do but when you cant don’t. You do not always have to compromise for someone who comes into your life. Love must be earned not sacrificed for. Because when you are in love nothing feels like a sacrifice. There are 7 billion people on earth go find your soul mate don’t compromise for one.


  1. Real love can never be threatened –

Sometimes it gets hard you know? Movies either depict love as a breeze of success or as a storm of destruction. Love is real and it is difficult to preserve but it is real. Every diamond has imperfections and so will the best relationships and marriages, there will be tears, torture and turbulence but it will always come with redemption, remedy and resurrection. Listen when I say nothing that is real can never be threatened it will always over come.



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