From Dirty Paws

Me: How has Twitter come to change you?

Dirty Paws: It’s been a learning experience for the most part, it’s also allowed me to feel more comfortable with myself because every now and then there’s that random tweet that reminds you that you’re not alone in this

Me: I am fan of your Twitter mostly because of your love for film and cinema. Are you truly in love with film and how important is it to you?

Dirty Paws- Movies are life for me, it goes wayyyyyy back to weekends watching movies on TNT, I can’t remember when it happened exactly but that channel played a big part in it

Me: favorite 3 movies and what you love about them?

Dirty Paws: Billy Elliot, there’s a scene where an instructor on a panel asked him what it feels like when he’s dancing – his answer is what happiness should feel like

RockNRolla, it’s what I watch when I really need to cheer myself up

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, because I feel like he is me

Me: Thoughts on BvS?

Dirty Paws: I’ll admit I was mad the first time I saw it, but now it just makes me love Snyder even more, I think he truly loves these characters and I’m excited to see his vision for the DCEU fully fleshed out

Me: Thoughts on Zack Snyder

Dirty Paws: The man made Man of Steel, it’s a movie I go back to and EVERYTIME. I find some new way to enjoy the most random scenes in it, I know that’s a cue for many to scoff but I love the man, I wouldn’t call him brilliant but he’s greatness in my book.

Me: On a scale of 1 to the American election how bad has your 2016 been?

Dirty Paws: Skip


Me: Religion? Do you know her?

Dirty Paws: She and I, we get as we be

Me: Best song of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

Dirty Paws: Bruuh, if I had to pick just one it would be Blame Game

Me: Blame Game is Hip-Hop Poetry

Me: Words to anyone who hasn’t watched V for Vendetta?

Dirty Paws:”Why?”

Me: How do you keep sane in this difficult life? You seem to have it all together. A very calm soul. What’s the secret?

Dirty Paws: Calm? Hmm. Have it all together? I wish.

Me: Who do you think should win the Game of thrones?

Dirty Paws: Nobody, we’re already having a lot of fun seeing everyone die.

Me: Morbid much

Me: Lastly, we all know this was the year of “Realizing”, so what did you realize in 2016?

Dirty Paws: That I can Still surprise myself

“One day my joy will know no bounds, until then I’ll order more drinks” – Dirty Paws


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