How The Art of Kintsugi Taught Me The Beauty In Being Broken

Trauma. Pain. Hurt. Wounds. Sickness. Brokenness. Suffering. Damage. Agony.


It is the beauty of life to break us. Life is neither nice nor fair, it hinges on its indifference to our happiness and pain. You were given life at birth and until the day you die it will take from you. And the only thing you can do about it is to fight until you are dead. That’s all you can do because at the end you will die, it is the only thing that is promised, one last suffering at the very end. But I like to think at the end when I meet death I will smile because I fought to survive. I will go down kicking and in a way I will win because fighting for the things you believe you deserve can make all the difference.


One way or another darkness will fall on you. Darkness will sneak into you. You will like it. The ability to feel channel a different energy from yourself will entice you and then you will notice your dark side keeps winning every time. We cannot go through life without getting blood on our hands or keeping our lips cleans. We cannot escape getting our hearts broken and breaking hearts. In fact you will break your own heart and the promises you will love to break are the ones you make to yourself. That darkness will lead to pain. It always does. You cannot escape pain, for it is the purest emotion, it most run its due course. It cannot be taken away–refer to childbirth.

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Embrace the pain and let it teach you. Taste your wounds and swallow it. Look yourself in the mirror and cry but do not look away. Forgive yourself for your sins. Forgive the world for their sins. Forgive your father. Forgive your mother. Forgive your friend. Forgive God. Forgive the strangers. Forgive your child. Forgive you body and Forgive your soul.

Carry your weight. Carry the weight of your past and suddenly you will feel weightless. You do not owe your past anything but you owe your future everything. Do not deny yourself love, the love you give to yourself is the purest. It is your responsibility to re-create your own purpose. Create your own destiny everyday or choose to become misplaced. You are not your past you are the reconciliation of your past.

You are your potential because your potential is real and nothing real can be threatened.


Kintsugi is a Japanese art form for repairing broken ceramics with a powdered gold lacquer –a liquid made of synthetic substances, that dries to form a hard protective coating– used to signify that broken things can still be beautiful, that the fact that it is broken is the beauty it truly needed, the beauty of the healing to come. There is a beautiful significance in scars because a scar is a compass to light your way to your destiny. Damage can come from death, loss, sickness, rape, violence, addictions and inabilities so embrace your brokenness and let it reorganise you. Use the pain of this hard life and create gold. Find healing in your own hurt.

Stop thinking about the world and how it hurt you but think about how it has changed you. Your scars are what tether’s you to the lessons you have learnt, to the things that matter. It is a compass tattooed on your body and in your heart. The world damaged you but you became stronger in those damaged places. The traumas of your life do not represent the end of your life, they are just crucial moments in your life and with golden strength you will heal.

Beauty is not in permanent. Beauty is in healing.

Beauty is not perfection. Beauty is the ability to overcome imperfection.

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