Dissecting The Political Work Of Art That Is Formation

  As always, Beyoncé surprises us with a music video that operates across multiple vectors. “Formation” it’s title is grounded on the politics of the United States police brutality, effects of hurricane Katrina, racism, slavery and queer culture but going deeper it’s about the entirety of the black experience in the world as at 2016. Black people all over the world share the same history … Continue reading Dissecting The Political Work Of Art That Is Formation

External link to Heaven Lust

Heaven Lust

From being created in his likeness to being banished for wanting too much to be like him, we were cast out and the Garden of Eden transformed into an in-between realm where only the choices made from our freewill decides our souls finale fate. Our L, for the love he gave and took away. HEAVEN LUST I was born into a generation hooked on a … Continue reading Heaven Lust

Cruel Series II: My Teacher

  And I remember when I met him I hated the aura he had around him. He was electric. Too electric for someone made out of stone like me. He is so electric you either appreciate him or you become instantly jealous of him but never can you hate him for it. I remember meeting him for the first time and thinking to myself “I … Continue reading Cruel Series II: My Teacher